The LIBERTARIA Initiative aims to build a truly decentralized society.

About Us

Freedom is not an evolutionary act, but a revolutionary. Rulers will never give back your freedom. You have to take it! Freedom means rEvolution.

The LIBERTARIA Initiative is working on a real life implementation of a decentralized society. For this goal we are targeting different parts of society and want to develop decentralized solutions. Always concentrated on the good for the people we are working on apps that make everybody's life easier, more secure and independent.


Our Projects

LIBERTARIA projects are very diversified to reach massive impact in society. Our projects span around community building in Cryptocurrency projects, developing our own decentralized apps and helping people to reach their visions.

You can look at some of our projects on this page. They are regularly updated and you even have the possibility to join.

If you are interested in joining one of our projects, just click on the project you are interested in and get in contact with us.

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Our Vision

With LIBERTARIA we have a clear vision of the future in mind and we are working hard to make this vision come true.

If you want to help us build a decentralized world, contact us at .

Decentralized Communication

First, we communicate freely with each other, share ideas and maybe choose to cooperate.

Decentralized Law

Next, we need to discuss terms and define a contract for our cooperation.

Decentralized Production

We then produce what we agreed to cooperate on.

Decentralized Finance

Finally, we trade and share the goods and the services that we have produced.

We are living in dangerous times – an inflection point in technology and society.

In the right hands, technology can do an immense amount of good: helping people out of poverty, solving shared problems through collaboration, and most importantly, empowering people to live free, dignified lives.

But in the wrong hands these same technologies can be used to control people and strengthen the direct and indirect structures of oppression that constantly threaten our freedoms. At the LIBERTARIA project we are fighting for the positive vision. Our aim is to use technology to enable a more just, more decentralized, freer world by giving people the tools they need to govern themselves, build their own economies, and above all protect their individual rights. It's a grand vision, but we know we can achieve it.