The Libertaria Initiative is starting a vast amount of projects to reach its goals. Due to the complexity and dependencies of the projects, we have to do it in a specific order:

Technical fundament, distribution of nodes, federated network, community, communication Economy, blockchain, transactions Law, production ID & Reputation, Governance, liquid democracy

Each project has many phases. After Phase 1 we need to have finished the specifications and a prototype to be able to complete a crowdfunding and to start a new project and move on to the next phase. Phase 1 means always firing up the various rockets to reach working Prototypes (regtest / testnet).

2017 Q3 - Phase 1 Project 1 - Mercury - Building the Spaceship Foundation: Building network & Communication Layer

2017 Q3 - Phase 2 Project 2 - Hydra - Loading the Spaceship Finance/Blockchain + Delegates/Transaction nodes

2018 Q1 - Phase 3 Project 3 - Themis - Ready for Take off Production + Law + Witness/Notary nodes

2018 Q2 - Phase 4 Project 4 - Fides - Reaching Moon Orbit Governance, Liquid Democracy, P2P ID / Profile, Reputation Network