We create technologies combining both the power of blockchain and peer-to-peer to help build a free and decentralized world.


Libertaria is creating technology for a decentralized world.

Our cutting-edge software and hardware allow people to connect and transact directly, safely and privately while keeping full control of their data. We’re developing tools to connect communities and create local economies, providing an alternative for people seeking a fairer, more decentralized, freer world.

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In order to establish free and decentralized societies,  we need to address four pillars:

Communication: We must be able to communicate with each other, share ideas and decide whether we want to cooperate.
Law: We need to discuss terms and define the terms of our cooperation.
Production: We then produce what we agreed to cooperate on, in the way we agreed to do it.
Economy: We trade and share the goods and the services we produced, rewarding and supporting everyone who contributed.


Libertaria is creating tools that will enable people to build their own decentralized societies based on the four pillars.

Along with this software infrastructure, we have also developed Titania, a secure, smartphone-sized hardware node that provides safe and private access to the network.
Mercury lays the foundation for the peer-to-peer economy with an innovative network and communication layer for direct communication and transactions via apps.
Hydra introduces a new kind of blockchain protocol. A federated chain system provides the security of a global network while minimizing the scaling problems.
Themis will provide trustless dispute and settlement technologies based on smart contracts, while our Fides subproject is developing technologies like identity and reputation that will enable trustless systems to replace central authorities

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