Hydra is a new approach to blockchain: a federated network of distinct blockchains all secured by a parent chain. Communities can set up their own economies and tokens on their own blockchain, all in a few mouse clicks. The parent chain secures all the child chains, combining the power of all the nodes in the network. The parent chain can also be used to exchange value between different child chains in atomic swaps, but because these child chains represent local economies, most transactions stay on the individual chains. Now any community can have run their own blockchain, getting all the efficiency benefits of keeping things local, while keeping the security and stability of a global system.



Create your own blockchain: Use Hydra’s Genesis templates to create your own blockchain in just a few clicks.

Create your own token: Create your own cryptocurrency, secured with the consensus protocol of your choice.

Create your own community: Hydra provides governance, voting, smart contracts and more.

Fully scalable: Hydra scales globally while keeping most data and services local.

Fully secure: Written in Rust to prevent memory and overflow issues.