Mercury is a revolutionary person-to-person communications protocol that provides true decentralized messaging, social networking and peer-to-peer business and apps with no middlemen.

Reclaim your digital privacy by deciding exactly which data to share, with whom. Best of all, you can revoke this access at any time. Mercury’s profile system replicates and improves on social media functionality. Our location-based network establishes true P2P communication with minimal resources, so it can even run on your phone.

Mercury paves the way for decentralized apps where people are the target, not the product.


True P2P: Connect with anyone, anywhere with no middlemen or censorship.

Optimized: Unlike other peer-to-peer systems, Mercury minimizes connections for use on smart devices.

No central servers: Fully decentralized connection, search, messaging and storage.

True dApps: Fully decentralized apps designed with users as the target, not the product.

Easy to use: The layered architecture provides simple, intuitive app development.