Token Sale 2018 / 2019

The Hydra Token Sale is organised in stages. We are in stage 1 round 2 and thus 20% of the Tokens will be available to first supporters and investors that believe in our vision and support our early development with testing and feedback.

First Stage Token Sale Details

Instrument: Hydra (HYD)
Total Sale Amount: 33,550,336 HYD
Sale Timeline: The token sale is divided into stages, we sell after completing the product.
Token Sale Timeline Stage 1
April 1st onwards: Airdrop leftovers via private community exchange, Public alpha launch of Libertaria Exchange for trading Hydra tokens
August 15th onwards: Supporter round – Public beta launch of Libertaria Exchange for trading Hydra tokens with more trading pairs
After MVP: Hydra crowdfunding through public token sale (end first stage)

More details about the Hydra Token and the Sale is documented here:

Libertaria’s Hydra Token Sale Paper

Attention! Plans change in many projects; especially in crypto. This document is not legally binding in any way. It is subject to change during the path developing Hydra. It is sole up to Libertaria at any time to define when exactly how many tokens will be sold to what conditions.


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